Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Bachelorette Weekend: Part One

I just got back from a great weekend in Charleston for my Bachelorette Party!  There was eight of us flying in from Philadelphia, DC, New Jersey & New York.

I had such a blast being away with all my friends and taking a break from the never stopping busy schedule of wedding planning and house set up!  The girls did such a good job planning to pick things that I would have picked myself...

Very proud of our light {Carry On Only} Packing
 Cheersing at the airport
 Headed to Charleston!
 Linds still sipping her drink.. during landing

{First of Many Visits to TBonz}
In two days we had people that were there twice, three times, four times even.. a great bar/restaurant to be right around the corner from the hotel
 Walking back to the hotel there was a couple thunder booms louder that a war cannon

We stayed at the Double Tree in the Historic District and it was perfect - the rooms were beautiful and split level and it was close to most things!

{Champagne from the Groom}
Derek sent us two bottles of champagne right after we arrived and we toasted right away!  The girls kindly got another and we were set for the weekend!
And some chocolate covered strawberries arrived before the trip was over

We did a little wandering and gathering on Friday 

More Tomorrow...

Xo C

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