Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thursday Favorites

1 more day until Charletson!! Tomorrow the girls and I are headed down south for my bachelorette party!!

On Friday night I sent Derek, Davey & Ryan off to meet the other guys for Derek's Bachelor Party 
All we've had on the calendar for this weekend was "Derek's Bachelor Party" so I was left with a free weekend (which since the house got pushed back quickly turned into a "house work" weekend) but I had a quiet and relaxing friday night with some peach sangria and ordering curtains and hardware for the house before lots of DVR
 Poor guy, sad the other guys didn't bring him along to party
 Mom and Steve got home from dinner and everyone was trying to pay extra attention to Nash
 Derek and I never agree on crusts at Pizza Hut so I treated myself to a stuffed crust pizza
 Saturday morning I was up early and headed over to the house - too much texting with Sam required me to take a break in the middle of the empty floor
 The interior designer came over to pick out paint colors
 PTL! I finally finished putting away (or putting in basement storage until after painting) everything that we've moved over to the house - here's our glamorous set up of our balcony furniture and beach chairs
 You know you live on a construction site when you look out and see this across the street..
and this to the left and to the right 
 I went to Home Depo not once but twice this weekend, what is life becoming?!
 Saturday night on the way to dinner my {patient} parents accompanied me to Home Depo, Lowes and Bed Bath & Beyond - we wound up with a packed car - such a glamorous life I lived while Derek was away
 Ah - I've been striving for this all summer - the patio at El Gran!  Every time so far we've gone it's rained or been too windy!  Mom, Steve & I had a nice long dinner filled with many marge
 We might not live in the same place but Sam and I both had bestie ESP on Saturday wearing our matching neon green Kendra Scott's
 Probably the highlight of the week! Mom found my monogram brush in the attic (it fell out of a suitcase) when I was showing her how much I had moved/given away
 Woah! When did we get to under 50 days?! I came down Sunday morning to find that Mom had put a new (awesome) message on the kitchen pig..
On Monday we had a Phillies game and with just a couple left this season, I splurged! I got some chocolate peanut butter ice cream.. a once a season treat!
Tuesday I came home to find Nash like this.. The Oliver service man was in the basement and Nash didn't understand why he couldn't help
 Dining Under the Stars this week was at…
Check out that sky!! We thought we were going to get dinner in and not long after we sat down the dark sky started setting in - right after appetizers huge rain drops started falling but luckily it cleared out just enough and they had enough time to get us a table inside (the girl that HATES storms had the white wine bag on her arm and was first inside)

Xo C

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