Thursday, July 17, 2014

House Progression #2

Some more of our most memorable visits during some of our many many trips to see our land/house

{January 2014}
Pointing to our house on the map
 This trip was exciting because Derek was finally living in PA at this point 
 Also because the model home was ready to see!  
 We were getting closer! Little did we know, it would be another 6 1/2 months but God has a plan for everything and waiting the extra little bit was perfect for us!

{February 2014}
 Work had begun on our section of townhouses but not quite our exact unit

{March 2014}
Finally the awful winter had stopped and our house was beginning to look like one!
 While I was in Florida, Derek went over to check the progress and face timed me so I could see too

final progressions next week…

Xo C

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