Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

Moving!! Our first part of moving and a busy week of appointments and getting things ready for the house.
I had a blast setting up things in our new kitchen

{Friday Night at Fresco}
We thought all our moving helpers deserved a reward so Friday night we went to Fresco across from the house which we've been dying to try but waiting until the house was ready

We sent Davey home with all the pizza scraps since we each got our own

I'm pretty sure they were making fun of me at this moment

Derek had to work Saturday morning so I trained in to meet him in the city for lunch at Slante before hitting the road for NJ for the night
 Uncle Derek tearing up the slip and slide with the kids

{Ainsley's 1st Birthday Party}
Everyone was in theme
 So good (one certain bride to be might have had two)
 The star of the day

 Nash did NOT like seeing all the stuff moved out of the house and how busy we were so he needed a little extra attention

 I can't believe summer is basically half over

{Dining Under the Stars}
This week was at… Stephen's on State and such beautiful cool weather we had after some crazy storms earlier in the week

Xo C

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