Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bachelorette Weekend Part Two

{The Cuteness}
I was so excited to see personalized cups!  and my Bachelorette Sash.. with my new last name!
The buttons that everyone wore!

{Friday Night}
Maid of Honor

{Dinner at Burwell's}
We went to a fun and delicious dinner down the street from the hotel
Southern Hospitality at it's finest!! Everyone was so nice down there - our waiter gave me this champagne punch and we got a free bottle of wine and plenty of attention!
 Super happy to be starting a weekend away with all my friends
 I couldn't have picked a restaurant better myself - the food was delicious and the setting was really fun
 Always the last and slowest one eating
 Such a good dessert!  We raved about it so much the waiter even brought out the chef that prepared it for us to meet

{Friday Night Out}
We bounced around to three bars on Friday - Market Street Saloon, a Hotel Rooftop & Tommy Condons

{A Bunch of Bachelorettes in Charleston}

Final Part Tomorrow…

Xo C

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