Friday, July 4, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Fourth Of July!!

The craziest part of this week was that July appeared out of nowhere! On Tuesday I had a mini panic attack that we were already in July!  The holiday week was nice though because things were very quiet and we had short days at the office.
This one got lost in the shuffle and is from two weeks ago but we had a blast reading the keys to success and date nights from my bridal shower!
a couple good walks (and hot ones!)
Once our closing got pushed back - we had a full free weekend ahead - so many possibilities - Friday night kicked off with dinner at Chilli's AND outdoor dining - the best 
Then an early night in

So many home errands...
 Home Depo on Friday
 Bed Bath & Beyond on Saturday
Lowes on Sunday
Furniture Shopping on Sunday

On Saturday we were squealing with excitement - we got our very first RSVP!
On Saturday, we were also excited because Derek got a 24 pack in this cute cooler
and my new Hayden Reis tote with my NEW initials came!
 Mom & Steve went to Penn State for the weekend and on Saturday the boys golfed while I layed out AND napped :) Hallelujah! Then I met them for dinner outside at the country club
 After dinner I had some quiet time on the deck
 On Sunday we did some home errands then had a lunch date at Pinnochios before spending the afternoon laying outside (and another nap - what a great weekend!) before meeting a family friend from Hawaii for dinner and some froyo at THE best froyo place ever - and the biggest!
Loved opening this RSVP with the spirited bridal confetti - Thanks Jean :)
This week was pretty quiet at the office due to the holiday week - but it was also extremely hot - parking like this in the shade actually helped keep the car cool
I had a workout buddy yesterday morning

Xo C

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