Monday, February 2, 2015

Weekending: Stella Rules All, Hockey Vally & Frozen Pizzas {Weekend Recap}

First up, I rarely post on the weekends, well sometimes Saturdays but never Sundays, 
so if you missed my weekend posts…
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This weekend was super low key, early mornings and early to bed, hibernating at home, freezing and… revolved around little miss Stella!  It was awesome to have a weekend with very little planned and a lot of time at home.  We started off the weekend with Stella's first visit to the vet.  She did great and everyone loved her.

Stella's car seat still wasn't in but she took a liking to the laundry basket &  Her name on the welcome board.

She thought the visit was fun and was overwhelmed with attention and loved it.
When 5pm hit on Friday I almost forgot it was the weekend!  And had no clue what time it was #lackofsleep.  I spent the day home with Stella (it wasn't perfect but went better than the disaster that was Thursday.. stories to come this week).
Stells warming up after a walk down to the mailboxes
I made dinner Friday night for my parents, brother, Derek and I since it was just Stella's second day, we wanted to be home.  Note to self:  DO NOT cooke dinner when you have a brand new puppy and your husband has to work a little late.  Luckily, I was making a crockpot meal but it was a little hectic trying to get the sides in the oven, etc.

We had crockpot Chicken Parm Sandwiches for my family to "meet" Stella, except my parents had to rescue me Thursday night since Derek was working late (another note to self: get a dog on a day you can both be home) so it was really just a fun family dinner but Davey and Nash met Stella.  The recipe was an experiment and it was good but not sure if it was a keeper.

Nash and Stella of course loved each other. Well, Stella loved having another dog around since she was used to being with so many and Nash loved Stella's baby toys.  They had a good play session though and Stella found a love for Nash's big toys.

 Saturday morning kicked off with a family play session in Stella's play pen.  It was great to finally have an extra set of hands and to be able to enjoy our puppy together.
 We each took a nap, Derek ran some errands and I did some housework and enjoyed a lengthy relaxing Saturday morning at home (it's amazing how much time you have when your up early!)
We took a Stella break and headed out to Philadelphia because Penn State was playing at the Wells Fargo Center.
 Every once in a while Steve brings us to his work box, the Nova Care box for misc. events.  Saturday, Penn State was playing against Vermont in Philadelphia for the third time (I
think Davey and Steve have gone in the past) but Steve was able to snag 5 tickets for the box so the whole family could go!

It was our first time leaving Stella so Derek and I got there at the end of the first period but we all had a great time!  I dove into the suite food right when we got there of course - chicken fingers, pizza, stromboli, salad, chips & salsa, pretzels, cookies - and Derek and I picked up some Chickie and Pete's fries on our way up.  I woke myself up (still getting used to those early morning wake ups) with a treat of a non-diet, regular soda.
My buddies watching the game.  And my snacking area.
 It was a great game and tied for a while but Penn State pulled out a big win.
Derek & I missed the final goal but we lasted long enough to hear Penn State take the lead… we had just got up to get our coats as they scored to advance from the tie.
Post game nap time :) and finally catching up on How to Get Away with Murder.  I love love love this show and am very sad that there are only three episodes left this year.  I SO hope it's back next year but how could it not be with one of the best ratings?!

Who doesn't love a good night in?! I think just about everyone I know stayed in on Saturday night, including us.  I blame the freezing temperatures and biting wind.  We were lazy, lounging, and not super hungry so we had a glamorous of chips and dip and some frozen pizzas along with an Entourage marathon.

Some Super Bowl baking went on in the kitchen.
Sunday I escaped my husband and my pup and asked my parents to come to the earlier church service so I didn't have to sit alone, they happily agreed.  Some quick errands were done and then just catching up around home before our Super Bowl Party!  We had my parents, brother and cousin over; we usually use the basement, bar area and "man cave" for hosting but since Stella is primarily in the kitchen and I was cooking, everyone stayed upstairs.
Nash showed who the top pup was and positioned himself right in front of the TV so nobody could miss him
What a good game! So much better than last year.  Like everyone, I cannot believe that ending - the Patriots probably should not be Super Bowl champions right now but whatever, I didn't like either team playing.  I almost called it quits around 9:45 and went to bed but I'm glad I didn't miss any of that!
Katie Perry was also fantastic, not quite Beyonce, but pretty good! 
Love me some wine, crockpots & hosting 
More on our Super Bowl party tomorrow


  1. Stella is just so sweet - i can't get over how cute she is!!! I love the pink vest you wore to the game - so pretty!! Sounds like a great weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. I love the pink vest you wore over the weekend... such a pretty pop of color!
    Lisa | Two Martinis

  3. Hey Christina, thanks so much for following along! I just followed you via GFC :) And omg that sugar cookie cake looks AMAZING!! I never thought to use almond extract in frosting before, but that's such a good idea! I LOVE all these puppy pictures, too! Celeste pizzas are my FAV!

  4. Stella is so adorable!! Such a cute puppy! Loved your outfit from the hockey game! gingham and the vest is my favorite combo :)