Friday, February 27, 2015

{Friday Linkups}

1. How You Livin J Pivin + Samantha Who???
Remember Samantha, the girl who maybe spoke TWO words on the Bachelor?!  Yeah, well now she's dating Jeremy Piven.  Bravo, Samantha.  Who wants to go live on a farm in Arlington with nothing to do when you can date Jeremy Piven, live in Malibu and go to the Entourage premiere this summer.  As you know, Derek and I are a OBSESSED with Entourage so I'm not sure why I was never following him before but I die that his insta name is howulivinjpiven.  Samantha also looks pretty funny herself since she insta'd #SamanthaWho.

2. Hollywood Happenings
If you missed my thoughts on The Bachelor (duh!), Dancing with the Stars and what was in the Oscars gift bags to make them worth more than $160,000!!!, click here for yesterday's post.

3. 50 Shades of Grey Soundtrack
I can't get enough of these songs! We've been listening to them all week - luckily, everyone seems to love the soundtrack because the songs are always on the radio in the car too!  Especially love me like you do.

4. Too Much Cuteness
While I was doing Zumba yesterday morning, I looked over to find Derek and Stella catching a 7am nap together on the couch. Adorable.  I wanted to quit my workout right then and there and jump in with them.

5. Lilly Lusting
I am craving spring clothes, bad.  Especially a trip to Lilly.  Luckily, I think Mom and I are making a trip to the mall next week.  I'm dying over these two dresses.  I love all of Lilly's dresses but usually the ones sized S/M/L instead of a number size are more comfortable as well as more casual for any occasion. I might not even be able to wait a week or two, I might crack and just order these this weekend.
Give me all the Lilly prints for spring/summer.

6. GCB
Does anyone remember this show?! I'm bummed it didn't make it back for a second season and never thought it would make it out onto DVD but it did!! My brother, Davey included it as part of my Christmas gift and I just love watching these southern women.  Since Derek and I are on a kick of watching shows together at night, it's taking me a little while to get through it but at least that makes it last longer!


  1. Samantha the one who came back for an episode because she didn't get to talk to him? Or is it someone else? Its hard to keep track of them all lol. But, good for her!
    Love men and pup sleeps--so cute!!
    I haven't heard the 50 shades soundtrack yet--need to check that out!
    Hope you have a good weekend girl!

  2. You are sooooo good! I would have stopped my workout right then and joined in on the family nap!
    I am just now catching up on the Bachelor (crazy!) and just started the 3rd episode (I mean, I'm really behind!) but I've noticed that pretty Samantha doesn't say anything, ha ha!

  3. Oh wow I can't believe she's dating Jeremy Piven and yes the entire time i'm like who is Samantha!? I could not agree more on the 50 shades soundtrack - its so good!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. Awwww Derek and Stella - so sweet!! I have definitely be checking out Lilly this spring too AND cannot wait for the Target collection!

  5. I'd say Samantha definitely won there!! Haha I always thought she seems so interesting, I was surprised she didnt get more tv time!

  6. I've been listening to the 50 Shades of grey soundtrack all week too! I love it.

  7. The Lilly tshirt dresses are my favorite!!! I have a feeling I'll be living in those this summer! I'm so interested in GCB now, will have to go check it out for sure.