Monday, February 9, 2015

Lazy Weekending + Philadelphia Car Show Review

By the time Thursday night hits, everyone is ready for the weekend, right?! One of my besties stopped by to visit us Thursday night so we did dinner at the BYOB pizza place across the street then home for some puppy time and our beloved TGIT lineup. I can't believe How to Get Away with Murder is almost over for the season -- seriously hoping for season two.
This weekend was fantastic because we had not a single thing planned or anything that we had to do - a full weekend to just relax!  Friday night we were SO ready for a quiet night in.  I got a massage (insert Lisa Vanderpump saying mASSage in her accent here) and picked up some ingredients for our 'Mexican Night'.

It was quite the ultimate DVR lineup before cooking up the Mexican deliciousness in the kitchen.. All of my ABC favorites back to back to back.

Margaritas + my mexican dip (here) + baked enchiladas (here) + sweat pants + the couch + my husband = a perfect Friday night
*I forgot to pick up sour cream for my dip but we thought it was actually just as good or better without it and a few less calories!

I ran some errands and picked up these little guys for our powder room
The sun was out, it was cold but not terribly freezing, so we took Stella for a walk before cleaning her up with a bath.  
Since the streets and front area of our house is always covered with dirt since the neighborhood is still being built, Stella always comes in covered in a mess so we usually play out back but since she was getting a bath anyway it worked well!
So skinny without all that fluffy fur!  She was a little unsure at first but then came around to getting clean.

She was not having it with the blow dryer so we towel and air dried until she was fluffy and extra soft again.

Naps and an entourage marathon made for a perfect Saturday afternoon.  Like a dead sleep two hour nap.  Amazing.

Some family playtime before heading out.
My Sunday morning view along with searching for new recipes on Pinterest - oh, it's great to have free time.
We brunched yesterday at Azzie, one of our favorite restaurants.  We've been for dinner a ton of times but never for brunch. We will most certainly be back!  A bloody mary bar (below) for Derek and mimosa specials for me.  A great mix of breakfast foods (omelets, sausage, bacon, french toasts) and asian foods (my favorite crab & cream cheese egg rolls, dumplings, sushi, shrimp, salads, meats, etc) with a fabulous dessert bar to finish off. 

Philadelphia Car Show
Last week we met Mom, Steve and Davey at the Philadelphia Convention Center for the annual car show.  We've been to the car show many times before - sometimes just for fun, sometimes because somebody is getting a new car soon and this year, Mom needs a new car this spring, me next fall and Derek just after the holidays so we were in serious looking mode!

The boys loved this Acura TLX for Derek and some of his other favorites were the Audi A4, Cadillac ATS, Infinity Q50 and the Lexus 1S250.

We liked this small Audi SUV - the Q3 for Mom and Me (possible matching cars?!) and she liked one of the smaller jeep's as well.

I also liked basically ALL of the smaller SUV's especially the Range Rover Evoque, Mercedes GLK, Nissan Rouge, Acura MDX and a couple more.

Next up is for some visits to the car dealerships later on in the year!

It was a fun night hopping in and out of cars and all picking our favorites for ourselves and each other - even though Davey and Steve aren't in the market for new cars this year, they still had a blast too.


  1. Stella is just too cute - looks like she was really enjoying the her bath!! Car shows are so much fun - although it gets me really excited to think of buying a car lol!! Hope you have a great start to your week! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Stella is adorable!! Love me some Nashville too and I'm so glad it's back on! Happy Monday!

  3. Wine with friends is always a favorite in my book!! Oh my goodness, your pup is absolutely adorable!! What kind of pup is she?? I love relaxing weekends! Oh & the hand towels you found are too cute! Excited to follow along :)