Friday, February 20, 2015

Another snow day, Goodbye to sweets & The bachelor double header {Friday Linkup}

1. Snow Day
We had another snow day this week - this time with actual snow unlike the last one when the "blizzard" hit.  In addition, we've been having brutal temperatures this week.  Like -15 degree windchill brutal.  But anyways, we got probably about 4 inches, just enough to stay home and little enough to enjoy it.  I woke up early per usual (and to track the storm) then once I knew I was staying put, I caught a little extra sleep while Derek handled the major tasks - shoveling our driveway out front and a path for Stella outback.  It was a nice little mid-week break, I caught up on a couple much needed things, Sex and the City (the movie) was on, I put a new soup recipe to try out in the crockpot (delicious! recipe coming soon), and spent a lot of time out in the yard with little miss Stella who enjoyed the heck out of her first snow even though the snow was higher than her paws.

2. Friends 2015
I saw this pop up on a friend of mine's Facebook.  I LOVE any articles/buzz feed posts on Friends but I got a few laughs out of this one.  Except #35, I was really excited to send a holiday card last year.  Read: here if Friends had of been set in 2015.  This is everything.  I love Friends the way it is but I also very much wish it was still on the air so this is great.  I'm still holding out hope for a movie.  Never say never, right?!

3. No More Sweets
I've given up sweets for the next month! I was waiting for Valentine's Day to pass - you can't miss out on a holiday where it's a free pass to eat anything with sweetness - so I made sure to indulge over the weekend.  Here's hoping that I can stay strong and reach my goal.  I conveniently picked the end date to be BEFORE my brother and grandma's birthdays - this girl would never miss out on a cake product!

4. Me Time
I love me some trashy magazines and now that I actually have to buy my own groceries instead of just reading the magazines at the store while I wait for my mom to shop THEN take some home too, I rarely get them anymore.  Sunday when we were grocery shopping, Chris (The Bachelor, duh!) was on the cover of two and I had to have them.  I enjoyed me some time curled up under a blanket reading them (and enjoying my last day of sweets).
5. The Bachelor Double Header
Love back to back nights of The Bachelor especially since they keep saving the rose ceremonies until the following episode.  FIVE hours in two days is a little much, but I still enjoyed it.  
I've had my same three favorites for weeks now - Carly, Becca and most favorite Whitney but now 
my mind is 100% made up - Whitney to win and Carly for the Bachelorette
 but I'd still be happy if Becca gets it too.  
Whitney is so perfect for Chris, she seriously handles every situation so well - the wedding crashing, meeting his friends, talking about her rough past - she carries her self SO well.  
Carly is h-y-s-t-e-r-i-c-a-l and so wants to genuinely find love.

I'm SO glad Britt had a meltdown and made herself look terrible.  What kind of girl (on a show like The Bachelor) cries every time she doesn't get a group date rose.  It's all about Chris, not all about you.
I loved crazy pants Ashley S.'s segment on the special.  Her intro video was so normal??? The crew must have felt like they found gold with her, not for the show but for their own entertainment during filming. Again, I can't wait to see her at the Women Tell All.
When Chris was chatting with the cows.  That suddenly made sense later on because their is literally nothing in Arlington.  NOTHING.  Britt couldn't work because there's no restaurants, Jade couldn't work because there sure isn't any modeling gigs. I hope the town over has some stuff going on but at least Chris' place is nice.
I'm thinking Chris was definitely loving Jade as a front runner since he took her to his house AND introduced her to his parents weeks before that usually happens.  I'm thinking the Playboy spread might have had something to do with his change in heart but I wasn't surprised to see her go, I was actually surprised she made it that far.  I still like her though.

and a couple Favorites...

Favorite Day of the Week: National Wine Day. What a fabulous holiday!
Favorite Husband Moment: all his shoveling! We had some snow in the driveway when we got home from our weekend away and Stella and I drove in the find him shoveling it before the two of us could even get home! He also shoveled our snow day snow before I was even out of bed :)

Favorite Stella-ism: Stella hides UNDER her bed at my office.  She never does it with her bed at home, but I'll hear some rustling around and I'll look over my desk into the pen and she'll be completely hidden!  When I peek around the corner she usually stays hidden and only comes out if I pull it off of her.  I was lucky enough to catch her in action one day (and video it for Derek) and it's hysterical!
Favorite "Little Thing": co-dreaming with Derek about renting a house in California in future years to escape the cold.  We love where we live but it would be fun to get the best of both worlds and experience that life style a little bit.

Favorite New Recipe(s): Chicken Parm Casserole and Hamburger Soup... one recipe coming next week, one is being tried again because of a couple errors :-/

Favorite Surprise: Flowers!


  1. I love the snow day pictures with Stella, she is too cute!! I agree, it was a lot of Bachelor lol but I was glad to see how it all played out. I like Whitney and Becca too- I am so ready to know who he picks!! How sweet of your husband to shovel the drive way!! Happy Friday!

  2. Aww Stella is ADORABLE! Puppies in the snow are some of my favorite pictures (altho anything with puppies is usually pretty awesome by itself). I agree with everything you said about the Bachelor. I think Jade's playboy spread definitely got her kicked off. It was SO awkward watching her show him her pictures. "Hey look at my naked body when all we've done is kissed". And have you SEEN those pictures? I had to look and they are FULL ON....totally graphic. I wouldn't have been ok with it if I was him.
    Husbands who shovel get mega points! Mine was out there shoveling our walkways and our neighbors, and uncovering our cars and I am so appreciative!
    I hope you guys have a snuggly and cozy weekend!!

  3. hahaha this is so great! I agree 100% with every Bachelor related thing here!

    Snow days are the best and it looks like both of us will be on the no-sweet train girl! Thank you for your sweet comment earlier (I couldn't respond bc it has you listed as a no-reply)

  4. I hope Whitney wins too - they seem the most compatible!! We are binge watching Friends right now and I couldn't agree more that I wish the show was still on the air!! Hope you have a great weekend girl!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. Love your bachelor recap! I had managed not to watch all season, but then 3 snow days in a row and I was hooked, now I cannot wait until next week's episode. I really liked Carly too, definitely hope she ends up the Bachelorette! Happy Friday!

  6. Love the Bachelor! I really liked Becca, but this past episode makes me think Whitney is his girl!

    Stella is adorable! Baxter didn't really play in the snow so much as just slide around on his belly like a seal. Happy Friday!

  7. Oh my god, I am so jealous that you can take your dog to the office! What a cutie.

  8. Ok, I am a bachelor NUT and always love the back-to-back episodes. I think Becca will win--and Caitlin will be the next bachelorette. Whitney is great and all, but that voice. Oye.
    Good for you for giving up sugar. I should give it up...but I just can't. It's myyyy precious. Or something like that.

  9. Love Friends! I'm binging it right now. I'm about halfway through season 5.

  10. Stella looks so cute in the snow!! Stay warm in those -15 wind chills. I love watching the bachelor. I really hope Whittney wins - they are just too adorable together. It'll be interesting to see who they end up picking for the next Bachelorette..

  11. STOP with those puppy snow pictures! Oh my goodnees I die. I love that Chris introduced her to his family a few weeks early, I'm kinda hoping she wins.

  12. Stella is sooooooo unbelievably cute! And I'm with you - I like Whitney for Chris!

  13. No more sweets for now? AHH you go girl. I could NOT do it. At least not by choice. If I had to for medical reasons, I could. Otherwise, I have zero self discipline haha.

    P.S. YES to Whitney. She is my #1. I loved their hometown date together. You can just tell she gleams when talking about Chris :)

  14. I have Whitney pegged to win it on The Bachelor as well! Although I did so like Jade...I really like Kaitlin too! It's hard now that it is the last few girls.