Thursday, February 26, 2015

Hollywood Happenings

Starting off with... A Night at The Oscars
I'm not super big into award shows (weird, because I love everything Hollywood) but I love the red carpet hours.  I don't usually watch glued in like most people, but I love watching in the background, I mean is usually h-o-u-r-s of coverage.
Did anyone hear about the Oscar's Swag Bags were worth over $160,000?! I was amazed!
Just for the host (NPH) and the non-winners in the top six categories (best actor/ess, best supporting actor/ess, best director).  
Items included free silver car Audi rentals for a YEAR, a $20,000 astrology reading, an $800 custom candy and dessert buffet, a $12,500 glamping vacation, $11,500 Italian vacation package, $1,000 worth of liposucion (only in Hollywood), $25,000 worth of custom furniture and more. 
On to the fashion.  My top outfits (three of the ladies could probably wear anything and I'd love it because they are my favorites AND I also usually love any/all styles of theirs.  So starting first with those three…
Reese Witherspoon, Kelly Ripa, Jennifer Aniston 
Lara Spencer, Anna Kendrick, J Lo

I LOVED Lara Spencer's hot pink dress.  Probably because I've been looking for a perfect hot pink dress forever but nonetheless, it definitely popped during her interviews.

And finally, I would probably never wear something this low cut in my entire life AND I'm not J Lo's biggest fan but I am a big fan of this beautiful dress

No wonder she tripped, there's a lot of dress there!!
I didn't watch much of the actual show because I haven't seen many of the movies (IF I'm watching award shows, other shows are more my thing) and a late Sunday night can kill me until about Wednesday.  For real. 

Also, Reese Witherspoon's Mom melts my heart. How cute is she! 
Pretty sure I would get texts from my mom like this if I was an actress.

Some Bachelor Thoughts (of course)...
The fantasy suite episode is never my favorite; it's always so dragged out to make it to the two hour mark, I mean the point of the suites is so they can have ALONE time.
Chris still seems to have it bad for Whitney and I have it bad for her neon dress - how perfect would that be for the summer?!
 How great was it when they had to wear these outfits?! And slick their hair back?!
Or when Chris and Chris wore matching of the men's version.
It was obvious Kaitlyn was going home when she was so confident in her interview when Chris grabbed Becca away to chat.

This is the first time in a long time that I've really loved both of the final two.  I'm still pulling for (and expecting) my girl Whitney to win but Becca keeps growing on me. 
At least she's actually honest and says she can get use to the idea of Arlington but can't say for sure now.  That's real life, Chris, get with it.  Love stories don't usually happen over six weeks and your town is smaller then small; if you like the girl then let her adjust.
Who do you think will be the next Bachelorette?! I can't tell who it will be (I heard Britt is still in the running? How!) or who I even want it to be.

Dancing with the Stars is back...
I don't watch religiously but it is a good background show and with the 10 year anniversary/20th season, I feel like some good surprises will be in store.
When they announced the first half of the cast, I was pretty sure I wouldn't tune in. 

When the announced the second half, I still wasn't sure.
Bravo, ABC for the tricks.
 I'm glad that Derek's back (my Grandma LOVES him) and I love Nastia (I love watching the gymnastics in the Olympics) and I think she's pretty! 
Great twist to announce them..
 from NYC,
last (or so we thought)
and after Derek said he wasn't coming back.
 Once Whitney wasn't brought out with a contestant I almost knew Chris was going to be on since he had been rumored to be AND Whitney already said she was coming back (she's my favorite pro).
I wasn't very surprised to see her standing there later and to hear that her partner was still a secret but he couldn't rose rise just that early.
I'll definitely be routing for Derek/Nastia and Whitney/Chris.  Some of the cast I've literally never heard of... like that model and Derek/Julianne Hough's second cousin!?

Will Ashton show up to support Rumor?! Are they still close??
I can't wait to see how Robert from Shark Tank does!

Olivia Pope: FOUND

And can we just get an Amen! that Olivia Pope is back?! I was kind of over the whole "missing" story line!  I can't wait to see what she's got in store the rest of the season.

Two hours of How to Get Away with Murder tonight..
 is too good to be true. I'm not sure if I'm watching live or even tonight at all (hopefully) but every minute of this show is pure action packed and I can't imagine what the finale will be. 
I'm starting to question that Sam killed Lyla after last weeks twists?!


  1. I loved Whitney's dress too! So perfect for Spring and Summer! I like Becca as well, but her face doesn't move when she talks--there's never any expression on her face! (Not something against her, just something that Ive noticed) I think that's why she kinda mumbles when she talks because her lips don't move much either.
    I was a bit sickened by the swag bags too...I wrote about it on my blog today as well haha
    Hope you have a good Thursday!!

  2. I wish I got a $12,000 Italian vacation! Also, this whole my shows going until 11 at night is not working for me -- I can no longer stay up that late, and I need at least a triple shot from Starbucks in the morning when I try...but How to Get Away with Murder...that is so tempting. Plus Rebecca is giving me the major creeps, and I don't want anyone spoiling anything for me tomorrow!

  3. I'm liking Whitney more and more and think she wins. And yes-her neon dress was awesome! I would have to do a lot of spray tanning before I could pull it off though!

  4. Oh my gosh so much to talk about in this post!! 1. I was in shock at how much was in the oscars swag bag, like they even need it lol! 2. I so wish scandal was on tonight too...but alas i'll watch HTGAWM lol! 3. I'm rooting for Whitney too - she seems the most ready out of the two of them! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  5. I would be totally disappointed if Britt is the next Bachelorette, but who knows! I didn't really care for her, to be honest. And YES, I am pulling for Whitney!

  6. I definitely haven't watched this Bachelor and I am missing out on so much! I have go to catch up on EVERYTHING that is DVR'd. As far as dresses go, I would wear Kelly Ripa's dress any day!

  7. What.. no American Idol?! :) I had no idea what was in the Oscar's swag bag, but I did know it was worth like $160K! You're so right though.. only in Hollywood would you get $1K worth of liposuction for free! Haha!