Thursday, February 19, 2015


Anticipating - warmer weather!  It's coming soon and I am more ready then ever.

Feeling - happy, content & at peace with all areas of life.

Enjoying - waking up early!  I pack more into that little bit of extra morning time and get to enjoy relaxing time when I get home at night.  Workouts & most housework done before I leave in the morning gets the day off to a great start.

Drinking - wine per usual.  I could never be without my wine.  But I've been very into martini's lately. Especially appletini's - I think I'm going to test out some new flavors.

Making - Everything! I'm really enjoying continuing trying out new recipes and we keep finding some keepers.

Planning - Trips, Travel, Vacation.  I'm itching to get away.  It's been fun researching where to go in the next year and we've got some great prospects on the horizon.

Reminiscing - about the wedding! I can't believe last year at this time we were crazy busy with planning and that our big day is already over.  I love looking back at pictures and just "remembering."

Buying - proud to say, nothing!  Part avoiding the cold, part watching over Stella, part waiting for more spring inventory to hit the shelves.  This won't stick for long.

Watching - in addition to all my favorite weekly shows (The Bachelor, Nashville, Scandal, How to Get Away with Murder, Housewives of Beverly Hills), Derek and I just wrapped up our huge Entourage marathon.  We're so sad we've finished it.  June and the new movie can't come soon enough.  We've moved on to the OC at nights, for now.

Loving - having a quiet schedule for a little bit.  Nothing beats home time with my little family.

Hoping - to stay on track with my workouts; summer is right around the corner!

Hating - the negative degree wind chill's and lack of sunshine.  But I am happy with the sun when it's out and it not going down until after 5:45.

Working on - (and happily doing well at) staying home more.  We are loving continuously more and more establishing our life here.  Spending time with great family & friends here. Just being here.  It's perfect. 

Wishing - that I could be a newlywed forever.  I can't wait for the future but I'm very much enjoying life right now.  Everyday is a new adventure.

Wanting - some bright new things for spring.  I think I hear the new Lilly P. line calling my name.  A trip to the mall soon is most definitely in order.

Needing - a manicure.  The joys of being a housewife.  I feel like now a days I only get a manicure for an occasion since I'm always cleaning up after a dog, cleaning dishes, cleaning in general.  But I love it.

Doing - a little more living in the moment.  No phones, no social media, just enjoying the present time.

Obsessing - over lifestyles in Dallas and Beverly Hills/Los Angeles.  Maybe it's the cold weather.  If we didn't love our lives here, I'd most definitely want to live in one of those places.  Confessing - sometimes I google places there for fun.

Accessorizing - always with scarves at the moment.  I've barely touched a statement necklace recently but that will change very soon when it warms up.  I miss my bright pieces of beauty.

Any suggestions on shows to watch?!


  1. I did a currently post today too--unfortunately (or fortunately?) I've been finding some great things at Loft so I haven't been good on not shopping like you've been. I'm not loving the coldness out now, either. And tomorrow's supposed to be even colder :(

  2. Stopping by from the link up. I need to do this type of post. It's so fun!

  3. My husband and I were heartbroken when we finished Dexter, and Mad Men. But How to Get Away with Murder quickly filled every show void I've been having! A glass of wine and How to Get Away with Murder is the perfect night.

  4. I love this!! And Wine is a staple at dinner too :) SO glad I found your blog

  5. Such a fun post idea! My husband and I are totally addicted to Downton Abbey and have watched 4 seasons in less than a month. We also wrapped How I Met Your Mother just before the wedding! TV marathons are the best. :)