Thursday, February 5, 2015

Valentine's Day Date Night Ideas

With our first married Valentine's Day right around the corner, I brainstormed for a while what to do, whether to go out ON the holiday (which is kind of a annoying since everything is so crowded, we worked around that by eating late this year), going out the day before/after or doing something special at home.

Some people think the holiday is stupid and don't celebrate at all but I think it's important to celebrate in some way.  I'm not overly into the holiday but still love celebrating it.  Whether with a group of girlfriends or your significant other - I miss those days of "everyone gets a bag full of valentines"
Since some people might still be planning, 
here are some of my ideas for a great Valentine's Day date

Dinner Date, duh!
The easiest and most common way to celebrate is with a dinner reservation.  Somewhere you love going, somewhere new, somewhere casual, somewhere fancy.  You can make a special night out of dinner anywhere just by the company your with. If you hate crowds (like me) try to go out the day before or after

Day Date
Who said you have to celebrate at night!?  We love day dates in this house.  Grab lunch, go bowling or do some sort of other activity together.  We also LOVE brunch and highly considered doing that this year - the hotel we got married at serves a fabulous brunch.

Weekend Away
If you're a travel lover like me, why not a weekend away?  We thought about this option as well (and sort of are doing it since we'll be out of town anyway). It doesn't have to be super extravagant - a staycation in the city, a night away at a city close by, it's always fun to get away even if for just a night

Wine Tasting - In or Out
You don't only have to go out to have a great time at a wine tasting - plus if it's a stay at home date, you can have more wine AND you can make sure it's a kind you like!! For example, I don't like red wine so if (or I should say WHEN) we do a tasting at home, I'd get mostly different types of white for me.
Pickup 4-8 kinds of wine, those cute little tasting glasses, if you have a bar - set up there, if not just pick another cute spot in your house for your very own tasting.
If you have a winery near you, wine tastings are the best - and this could easily be another daytime activity.

Movie Night
We just had a movie tavern open up close by and they seem to be popping up everywhere.  A fun night out could be dinner and a movie AT the movies. Besides, 50 Shades of Grey is coming out the day before Valentine's Day and every girl in America wants to see it.

Breakfast in Bed
Again, you can celebrate any time of the day!  This one would be good especially when Valentine's Day falls on a week day - we lucked out this year with a weekend holiday.  Or have breakfast in bed at night - who isn't in their PJ's right after work anyway and breakfast is a good idea anytime of the day.

Get Fancy at Home
You don't have to eat OUT to have fun - plus if you hate crowds, this is perfect! Have the hubby pickup takeout from one of your favorite places, somewhere nice while you put on one of your favorite dresses.  Eat in the dining room (if you have one) or with some candles and a pretty tablescape in the kitchen

Restaurant Hop
Start with drinks at one place, dinner at another and finish up with dessert at a third.  
Get the best of everything.

Sporting Event
This would be a great one for Derek and I since we both love us some sports.  Get tickets to a good matchup on or just before/after the big day and celebrate with some beer and stadium food

Take a Cooking Class
We've been meaning to get to Sur La Table for a couples cooking class for months - they offer tons of classes and have specialty ones pertaining to the holiday on and around each holiday.  How fun to make your food together then enjoy eating it together and possibly meet some nice new people.
Day Dates are more your style?!
A day out at the aquarium or the zoo
Museum day - you might live in or near a historical city but don't hit the museums on the regular
Spa day
Stroll the mall for outfits for your night out or in
Ice skating 
Try a new hobby
Definitely interested in staying in? Here's a few more IN ideas… 
Appetizers only dinner
Go on a picnic (if it's cold where you are, you can easily go on a picnic in your house too)
Make your own valentines
Game night
Cooking or baking contest 
Movie marathon
Homemade pizza night (could be in the shape of a heart)

Thought for Thursday
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  1. These are all wonderful ideas, lady!!!! I think some celebration is in order. However, I think so many women put so much pressure on dudes, without saying exactly what they want and it's a bummer in the end. THese are all fun things to do!

  2. Great ideas! V-day is really close to my birthday so we always combine it into one holiday which is kind of fun. We're going to do an at home date this year which should be fun and relaxing. Sometimes the restaurants are too crazy on the actual day.

  3. These are great ideas girl!! I just booked our brunch for Valentine's Day - something different for us but it should be fun!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  4. A weekend away or breakfast in bed are my favorite ideas! And, I don't have to overdo it to enjoy the holiday. Happy Thursday, Christina :)

  5. This is a great list of ideas! We're not real big on Valentine's Day, but my husband will probably bring home roses from the flower shop around the corner from the house (he likes the little old ladies who run the shop and they like him too), and I'm either going to get him a video game or a tablet. For the actual Valentine's Day we'll be in New Orleans with friends for Mardi Gras ;)

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings