Monday, February 16, 2015

Valentine's Day Weekend {Weekending}

I can't take the cold any longer. I can't take it!! I just checked and currently as I type this post, we are in single digits!  The wind is unbearable and I am SO ready for sunshine and high temperatures.

We wrapped up another great weekend that was very eventful but also relaxing.  This was also our first weekend away from Stella and my amazing parents took great care of her and she was all smiles when we picked her up yesterday.

We headed down south for the weekend (unfortunately not to warmer temperatures) and were all over the DMV area.  We did Arlington on Friday night, Virginia on Saturday during the day and Baltimore for the night.  We got home yesterday in the afternoon so we had time to have some relax time at home and crank the heat up!!

I spent more time enjoying the weekend then taking a ton of photos but I have a few so here we go…

In the midst of packing, Stella got lots of attention including getting her Valentine's Day toy and we braved the start of our freezing weekend, which looks like it's going to continue throughout the week.
 I dropped our girl off at my parents and it didn't look like she'd miss us at all and would not be short of attention.
 And Uncle Nash needed to check out her play pen AND her toys and she couldn't get enough of him!
 And we were off for DC!  My sweet husband did the driving, per usual, and I was able to squeeze in a quick car nap to gain some extra energy for the night.  We met up with our friends Dom & Ashley and then later Bianca and some of their friends at our favorite DC spot, Spider Kelly's, and as you can see from the photo below, we indulged in some appys with some drinks and probably the reason we love that place so much, ski ball.

We stopped by Seven Eleven, because in DC you can buy beer/wine there… how awesome?! and spend the rest of the night in the game room at their apartment complex.
Too many nachos (seriously, that's their name), cheese fries and mac & cheese balls,  We didn't mean to get all them actually, I didn't hear Derek order the balls when I ordered the cheese fries.
Our lives would be close to perfect if we had a ski ball machine inout basement 
Have you ever seen a bigger bromance?!

We left Arlington early Saturday morning to head farther down in Virginia for our nephew, Jacob's, baptism AND first birthday party -- big day for the little guy!  After the baptism we spend the rest of the morning/afternoon at Derek's brother's house with all of his family birthday celebrating and lots of play time with our four nieces and nephews.

{Saturday Night}
Valentine's Day!! With going from one place to another, I didn't even remember it was Valentine's Day until mid-day.  We headed up to Baltimore to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day!  We started off with a little rough patch - not paying attention, we went to the wrong hotel, then were given the wrong room (somebody was already in it!) but then we settled in for a couple hours of napping, relaxing, TV watching, pinterest searching… it was bliss and just what we needed!
Champagne & chocolate at check in
 We had a great view of the harbor and spent plenty of time admiring it.

Our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife,  We walked a block over from the hotel to dinner but couldn't do it for the walk home!  There was a small snow that came after we arrived so the sidewalks were slick and the wind and chill factor were freezing so we cabbed it back to the hotel  after and cranked the heat up.
After our few hours of relaxation we headed out for our late dinner at the Capital Grille.  We definitely have our favorites there - two being calamari as an appetizer and lobster mac & cheese as a side - both of which we got and usually we both get steaks but I opted to try the scallops tonight and they were fantastic.

 A great surprise at the end of dinner - two mini cupcakes to go and a rose!

Keeping up with our relaxed vibe, we spent the morning in and out of sleep and just lounging around the room before bundling up for a little shopping and lunch at Bubba Gump Shrimp before coming home.

 We were so excited to see our little girl again!  It was a great break to take a little time away from her hectic schedule but we sure missed her!

Best Buddies - Stella and her "uncle" Nash
Once we got home we quickly got some house keeping done and then we settled in to watch our last three episodes of Entourage.  I've mentioned before, we have been HOOKED on this show even thought we've both seen it before.  We are so sad we're finished -- I have no idea which show we can watch together next that can compare.  
 On that note - we had grilled cheeses and tomato soup for dinner because.. lazy.
My very favorite scene in the Devil Wears Prada is when he makes her a grilled cheese.
We made ours together.  Well, I was in charge of the grilled cheese, Derek was in charge of the soups.


  1. Girl you guys had a jam packed weekend!!! I seriously love the lobster mac & cheese from captial's the best! Looks like Stella was so happy to have her parents home again!! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Looks like a fab weekend!! And grilled cheese and tomato soup sounds perfect for this cold weather. Now I want some for lunch. :) That lobster mac and cheese looks yummy too though. The pictures of Stella and her 'uncle' are super cute! Glad you had a good weekend!

  3. Whata great weekend! I don't mind the cold, I do mind all of the snow we are getting! There is NO space left for any of it! Found you through the link up!


  4. What a fantastic weekend!! And you guys are definitely my mind of food people - two different mac and cheeses in one weekend? Yes, please!! I just love DC! I actually saw DC on my Timehop today and can't believe it's been 2 years since we were last there!

  5. What a great weekend you had! Stella is so cute! She has the sweetest face! Stay warm and have a great week!

  6. Looks like y'all had a great weekend! Love your leopard scarf from Sunday :)

  7. My goodness!! Your pup melts my heart :)