Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Making Your Own Valentine's

Two of my valentine's from last year. . .

Jack Daniel's Bouquet: 
- 5 mini bottles
- decorative hearts
- cake pop sticks
- hot glue gun
- ribbon
 Attach each bottle to a cake pop stick, Mix decorative hearts in, tie with ribbon
Jack Daniel's Bouquet Finished Product (you could use any mini liquor bottle)

14 Reasons I Love You:
- 14 mini hearts
- 14 typed up "reasons you love someone" (homemade)
- box
- decorative label (homemade) 
 Insert a slip of paper into each heart, wrap box & label
Finished Valentine!

I Dig You:
I was lazy this year too much wedding planning and copied one right off of Pinterest; I at least put my own spin on it -- Instead of just using a shovel, I used a beach pail, which meant more candy too.

Xo C

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