Monday, February 24, 2014


The summer Olympics is always more interesting to me (and still is) but this year I found myself watching the events every night for the past two weeks along with all the roomies.

Favorite Winter Olympics Sport:
 The only event I ever really look forward to is Figure Skating.  It's amazing what those girls can do on ice.  I used to hope I would be in the Olympics as a little figure skating with my one foot spins and most basic, easiest of all jumps, which was basically a hop.
This year I really got into the ice dancing and pairs skating - it's crazy that they can do those moves side by side and at the same time. 

New Sports I Got Into:
Ski Jumping: I never really paid too much attention to any of the skiing but it's pretty cool that they make this look effortless.
Ski Flipping (not sure the appropriate name): again they make it look effortless
Hockey: who wasn't interested in these close games
I of course googled who TJ Oshie was
...and his girlfriend.

Sports I was Convinced I Could Do:
 Curling: Curling became a joke in our house because I never quite got the concept of it and was convinced with my shuffle board skills from practicing at Grandma's it seemed very similar and I could make the team.
Skeleton: I thought for sure I could find my way into the Olympics this way (watching one night I was even laying on my stomach on the floor and Steve said I looked like a natural already) and just ride down the ice on a board... Yeah Right, I'd scream my head off. 
Four Man Bobsled: The roomies had to remind me that I thought I was a shoe in for this team - I could just be an extra body in the middle of the sled.  This makes me want to get the toboggan out of the basement and have Steve, Davey & Derek sled me down the back hill.

Xo C

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