Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow, Snow, Snow

This was originally suppose to be about a pretty winter Sunday night snow (from last Sunday 2/9) and then the mess of Thursday happened!  I can't remember the last winter where we've had this much snow!

Sunday night we had a pretty, doesn't get in your way snow.  We all went out to shovel together and then let Nash free to play.  Since it was dark, the snow looked glisteningly pretty.

Then Thursday happened.  I haven't seen this much snow in PA since I can't remember when!  It was a full team effort to shovel the driveway in the morning before the sleet/freezing rain started and the snow was SO heavy.  After shoveling we were all inside the rest of the day staying warm!! 
Then they started throwing snowballs at me.  I have to admit, I was very impressed with how tightly and hard they could pack those little balls with snow -- they hurt when they hit.
Note the white blob coming right towards me.
The first time I tried, I lost my shovel in the snow and almost fell out the deck door into the pile!  This was the best I could do but it was about 14 new inches.

Here's to hoping this is the end of it, but I'm not quite sure.

Xo C

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