Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

La-La Land:
This is just the best - Seth Cohen & Blair Waldorf got married (very under the radar).  Read the wedding announcement (Blair and Seth's - not Adam and Leighton's) here
Queen Olivia is back in all her glamour and glory.  After two months of no Scandal episodes, it's back - for eight straight weeks. best news ever.
The worst season of the Bachelor, ever. Juan Pablo shot himself in the foot when he made those gay comments earlier in the season. 

Reasons this season stinks: Juan Pablo can't speak English, at all.  All the girls refer to him by his first and last name, Juan Pablo. Nobody can keep the spoilers a secret this season . . .
Including Juan, himself and Renee slipping up, also Everyone's favorite host ruined the finale when he said Clare and Nikki will probably end up "liking" each other at the After the Final Rose Special. Duh, Chris only the final two attend that.
Christina Land:

 This little gem got lost in the mix from a couple weeks ago - Our flower girl is ready to go!
We celebrated National Margarita Day!  Very little things make me happier than an El Gran night - can't wait until the patio is open.
It was finally warm enough/not icy to take a walk - can't wait for the snow to melt and the trail to be ready again. 
Nash has been BEGGING to be let out to sun bathe on the deck again - With our tease of spring weather on Saturday, it was finally time!  He spent most of his day out there smiling, sun bathing and wagging his tail with joy.
Finally a weekend with nothing to do but relax and get caught up on life - it was fantastic, we need more like these. 
The Media bridesmaids came over for a nice visit and to book our Bachelorette Party plane tickets on Saturday and poor buddy was feeling left out.
After family dinner usually I'm the one begging for desert - but not this time, I of course went along with it though.  My favorite frozen yogurt flavor, salted caramel pretzel, has made its way down from the State College yogurt shops to the Media shops - it's the best.
Xo C

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