Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Wedding Inspiration Binder

With so much to plan; it's hard to keep track!  I have two binders and a folder for things that are "most important" at the moment along with endless calendars, timelines and to do lists.
This is a good idea for the early staged of planning right after getting engaged to keep track of all the ideas you love!  Now that I'm picking my favorite of each idea and they are becoming decisions instead of inspirations, I mostly just keep a hand written list -- I only use the binder now if I need somewhere to store something.

Each week I would print out my new ideas and put them in the binder.

1. Popping the Question (to the bridesmaids, flower girl, ring bearer)
2. ETSY Order List 
3. DIY Project List
4. Apparel
5. Stationary
6. Ceremony 
7. Cake/Accessories
8. Reception
9. Flowers
10. Gifts/Favors
11. Welcome Bags
12. Entertainment/Transportation
13. Photography
14. Honeymoon
15. Miscellaneous 

If some categories have sub-categories, you can make your own labels to put in that section.  I just made mine myself and glued them onto a piece of computer paper. 

Like I said before, I don't really use this binder anymore, I just use a packet I made . . . 

Xo C

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