Friday, February 7, 2014

Five Favorites from the Past Week 
(1/31/14 - 02/06/14)

1. Sam Visiting! Texting/Face-Timing/Phone Calls are great but nothing can beat being in the same place as your best friend. 
2. Relaxing Snow Day! On Monday morning (what better day for a snow day than the Monday after the Superbowl) I crawled back into bed after dropping Derek at the train station and had a lazy hour and just watched the news updates, mindless shows and watched the snow fall reflecting on how blessed and lucky I was that I didn't need to be out in the mess.

3. Mom's Birthday!  Mom's always doing so much for us -- anytime we can show her extra love is great!  We had a great family dinner at The Town House and birthday celebrations.
4. One of the Bachelor Producers tweeting Sam.  It really is the little things . . . We had fun for most of the episode Monday night how we'd handle Sam being on the show.
5. "Ice Day" on Wednesday.  Seriously, next week is going to be hard if we have five full days.  There has only been one full day so far, yesterday!  The day was so lazy/boring, Nash and I entertained ourselves for about ten minutes of me feeding him cereal.

Xo C

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