Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Valentine's Day!!
After registering last week we were really craving Outback -- the wait was 50 minutes so we drove across town to Texas Roadhouse.  Right after our cheese fries came, the power went off!  It was an interesting experience.  Our dinner ended at Chick Fil A
NJ Vist: We made a quick overnight visit to NJ and spent the day with Derek's family on Saturday before Sam & Gianna picked me up for a girls night
A super lazy day after traveling home on Sunday.  Nash really just has no boundaries with Derek - Nash just lays himself right on top of him.
The Olympics: We've gotten sucked in by the opening ceremonies, the new team figure skating (figure skating is my favorite in the winter olympics so I like the new event).  We were very entertained when Steve tried to explain curling to me. 

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