Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sam's Visit To Media

Over the weekend, Sam made her first "Official" maid of honor visit to Media!  We were happy as pie and giddy all weekend and literally counted the days all month until the visit . . .
 We headed out to one of our usual spots for Friday night dinner
 Cheersing to Sam's visit
 All four of the "kids in the family" or the Bride, Groom, Maid of Honor and Groomsman.
Happy to have all their kids together 
Seriously, so happy.  We we're in our own little world at the dinner table. 
The face wash queen laying out all her product for her approximately 20 minute face wash regimen
If the numbers we're a little different this would basically have been us.  We we're laughing about how none of us could sleep past 8am! 
 Saturday morning we had our own little breakfast buffet before heading out for a long day.
 We left Nash sunning himself.
I've been looking forward to bridesmaid dress shopping for SO long; such a special day (I can't believe it's already over!). 
 {Not THE dress, of course} but posing with some from the racks.  We said Yes to a bridesmaids dress which Sam loved, Lindsay loved, Mom loved, the girls in the store loved and the other bridesmaids seem to love!  We knew it was the dress when I said I liked the other choices but for this dress, I would be jealous I wasn't getting this one too.
With all these wedding events coming up there will be lots of trips to Lily in the near future.  I tried to convince Sam into some colorful items and failed, BUT at least I got her to try them on and consider them. 
 At lunch (looking at our pictures from the morning) it hit me that in that moment, Sam looked like Jessie James Decker!  I tried to prove it to her . . .
We went out to El Gran that night to celebrate our find!
 We came home to find this guy super happy that Syracuse won, in overtime and went on later in the night to become #1 in the nation.
 We watched a little of Mom & Steve's wedding video to take some notes and show Sam the church. 
In the winters we are so lazy!  We lounged on the couch and Lindsay & Nick walked down to hang out with us. 
 Later on, during wedding talk. . .
Not even posed, seriously could the maid of honor and groom at least try to look a little more interested, ha! 
 Both nights we literally fell asleep talking and would wake up and get right back to it!  Derek kept commenting how we would wake him up with our chatter through the walls. 
 We layed in bed planning our the next couple months to make sure we get all our sister/best friend/maid of honor time in.
 It wouldn't be a visit if Sam didn't have some new make up tricks for me to try.
 Sunday morning we practiced our brunch skills with the best brunch ever.
 We showed Sam the reception venue
So sad to send my sister home, but we have lots in store in the upcoming months!

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