Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

 What do you mean there's none left for me?! Spoiled.
 Not one but two snow days this week. I love/hate snow days right now because the snow makes me so lazy, I never get anything done - but it is fun having extra relax time and getting some things done from my bed instead of a desk. Snow days make Nash lazy too.
 We needed to celebrate so some pedicures were in order - Derek loves going too
It snowed more than we thought and it was going to and the ground was covered by the time we were done.  Not the best moment. 
 Derek brought me breakfast in bed. How sweet. 
Finally we weren't traveling on a weekend and Derek could make it to church and a big ole brunch after church.
And then the low point of the week - probably of the year.  I realized I left my Nume Wand at the hotel over the weekend and they apparently hadn't found it. Derek sent this to Sam & Gianna since they would understand the pain.
There was a moment of panic when I realized they don't make the four play anymore - looks like I'll be making the switch to the Titan 3 which is basically the same but has six fun colors to pick from!
We did a little shopping on President's Day for some pre-wedding event/honeymoon clothes.  Derek won over the ladies in Lily and they won him over when they gave him these beers.
Looks like we were meant to be way back when with our matching big bird birthday cakes.

Xo C

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