Thursday, June 5, 2014

Weekend in New Jersey

On Friday Derek headed off to a bachelor party and I headed to New Jersey and met Sam after work for some shopping at the mall!  We met back up on Sunday in NJ for family events...
We had dinner for Jenn's birthday at Brick Oven in Morristown on Friday night
 It was BYOB
 Team White
vs Team Red

Next we went out for a drink to continue celebrating Jenn until midnight - the start of her actual birthday

The birthday girl in all her glory
But first let me take a selfie
Trying to get Sam to pack me for her work trip to Orlando on Saturday morning
Delicious. A classic breakfast in NJ
Swapping Friday night stories with Carly before spending the rest of the afternoon relaxing napping and laying outside
Sam had to be up super early for travel on Sunday so we got chili's to go then went out for some froyo -  luckily there was a Friends marathon on TV for me but I think I was asleep before 10pm
 Sunday morning was Ainsley's baby dedication at church
 Then Kallyn's dance recital
Then we went back to Jess and Chad's for a great afternoon with the family of BBQing and awesome weather.
We had to follow each other home on Sunday since we were different places earlier in the weekend but Nash was SO happy when we got home on Sunday night 

Xo C

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