Monday, June 30, 2014

July Bucket List

July Bucket List
June was crazy with wedding appointments, the bridal shower and the house, here's to hoping that July is a little bit quieter (which I'm doubting since we're out of free weekends until October)
Fourth of July
a 3 1/2 day weekend with no wedding planning and no house to do's but just relaxation - Amen!  Well it won't be all relaxation {we've got a lot planned} but it will be all fun things! I've really begin to love Fourth of July and all that goes with it!

Bachelorette Party
I can't wait to head down to Charleston at the end of the month for a weekend away with my best friends and my bachelorette party!

on that note, I'm also really excited for Derek's Bachelor Party Weekend - which for me means, a quiet weekend at home with nothing (aka probably a lot of wedding planning/house setting up) to do  but it'll be nice to have a guaranteed quiet weekend since his is the weekend right before mine.

House Work
Hopefully by the end of the month we should have painted walls, furniture in place (or coming very soon) and have a few decorations up!  Most of the decorating we'll do after the wedding so we can pick out things that both of us really want in the house - I'd rather take my time and get it right with things we want to have in there.

A couple fun date nights
Since weekends are so busy we're going to make more of an effort to fit in a couple week night date nights this month!  Hopefully one in the city and at the new movie tavern that just opened up!

Xo C

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