Tuesday, June 3, 2014

June To Do List

Things I'm looking forward to this month...

Three major things are coming up...

 My Bridal Shower
My Bridal Shower is just a couple weeks away - I'm so excited to celebrate with my family and friends!
Bridesmaids in Town
All my bridesmaids and a lot of close friends will be in town for the weekend of the shower and I am literally so excited to see them and have a girls weekend!

New House
Our new house will *most likely* be finished!! It's been a long nine months since we found it last August thanks to the weather but the timing is actually perfect - we'll have two months to work on it and get it ready for September
{Many more photos to come once it's actually done and ours}

New York City Getaway
We're doing a little weekend trip to New York for some shopping, meals at our favorite places and of course, relaxing - we haven't been back since Derek left!
Father's Day
We'll do something special to celebrate Steve
Cottage Trip
We'll hopefully make our first trip of the season up to the lake

Lots of time in the sun, eating summer BBQ food and tons of grilling, wearing bright clothes and enjoying the happiness of summer!

Xo C

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