Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Summer Favorites

The official start to summer is in 11 days but it feels like we're already in full swing
Favorites for This Summer :
Tory Burch Sandals
This summer and every summer - I've had these on my feet most days since Memorial Day.  I'm happy to welcome back white shorts as well.
Kendra Scott Everything!
I've loved Kendra for a while but she has some prime bright color jewelry this year - especially the rayne necklace and the new studs

Kate Spade Bright Studs
Last year I only did white and clear but this year I'm already in love with the neon yellow and orange

Outdoor Dining
Whether it's at a restaurant or on our back deck, nothing beats outdoor dining in the summer (as long as it's below 90 degrees)

Being Patriotic
There are so many cute crafts/decorations/recipes/serve ware for the Patriotic holidays and with three just in the summer I keep finding myself being drawn more and more to the holiday sections

Pool Time
Swimming, Floating, Dipping Toes in - ANYTHING - being near water in the summer is a favorite

Pasta Salad
My all time favorite, I could eat it in any season but it's obviously best in the summer

Lemon Chicken on the Grill
My favorite summer meat but also I just love grilling in general, which we do most nights

Peach Sangria
A great summertime drink

Most Favorite:
Summer Nights
Everyone's happier when the weathers nice and I love how late the sunlight lasts - it feels like there's so much more time after work then there is during the winter.

Xo C

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