Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Stay at Home Date Night Ideas

Friday night came and we were exhausted from the week! 
With the house two weeks away from completion and all the little wedding details picking up speed we wanted a night to relax!  We cancelled our sushi date night plans in Media and opted for a night in.

When we we're trying to think of what to do, I picked out some of my favorite stay at home date night ideas that I'm definitely adding to our list (in addition to a couple I've already had in mind)...

Stay at Home Date Nights I've Been Wanting To Try:
Wine & Cheese Night
I've wanted to do this one for a while and I see it being one of our first date nights in the new house! My three favorite things: Wine, Cheese & Derek, how perfect?!
{What you need}: Wine - if your like us then you'll need to bottles, white for me and red for him, an assortment of cheeses and crackers with some fruit and a cute tray and wine glasses.  This would be super cute near a holiday to use decorative pieces.

Board Game Night
This one would be good in the winter - nobody ever plays board games anymore and they are so much fun.
{What you need}: a couple of your favorite board games, cocktails of your choice and some new Pinterest snack recipes that you've been wanting to try.

Homemade Pizza Night
Another one I've been wanting to do for a while and so simple
{What you need} pour some cocktails and get your favorite pizza toppings and create a masterpiece! 
This is a great one for Derek and I because we always want different toppings so this way we can create anything we want.

New Stay at Home Date Night Ideas:
Wine Tasting Night:
This would be perfect to do with all the wine we brought back from Napa!
{What you'll need}: 4-8 different types of wine and tasting glasses.  Probably paired best with delivery take out
This would be a great excuse to get some of those cute mini wine glasses I've been eyeing at Crate & Barrel.

We love outdoor dining so a picnic would be great!
{What you need}: two of your favorite sandwiches, some easy sides (or just as simple as chips), of course a dessert and beverages of your liking - wine for me, beer for Derek 

Bucket List Planning:
make a bucket list of activities to do together as a {married} couple

and one for the future...

I Do: Part Two
Most definitely doing this after all the chaos is over - Look back through your wedding album and wedding DVD as a special date night.
{What you need}: Wedding Photo Album, Wedding DVD, Cupcakes and of course Champagne

Stay Tuned until tomorrow to see which we picked...
Xo C

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