Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites

We are beat! With the house just weeks away from being done and wedding planning items always popping up we are VERY ready for a quiet weekend at home this weekend.
On Monday this week I (with a little help from my sous chef, Derek) made dinner for everyone! I must say it went well was delicious - Derek and I had the left overs on Thursday.
We had a great weekend getaway to New York City
 The weather last weekend was perfect! Not too hot but perfectly sunny - I got some sun on Friday afternoon
 We also got a nice walk in on Friday evening - Nash almost always finds a tennis ball up near the tennis courts during this season and goes to extreme lengths to find them - here he is all the way in the bushes - he actually found four balls on this walk
 To unwind from the week we just had a quiet night in on Friday - we had happy hour on the deck then a pizza night before we got packed for NYC
I brought Mom and little surprise from the grocery store, I thought these bright flowers were too good to pass up
We hit the Macy's sale and Davey's Personal Shoppers (Mom & I) helped him pick out some new things
Derek was watching TV one night and found our new friend from NYC, Ricky Gervais on the comedy channel.
Tuesday we both got out of work early and ended up finding each other on the way home on the highway and followed each other the hole way!  We finally caught up to chat (not while we were moving - stopped at a stop light, of course!)
We were suppose to go to the Phillies game on Tuesday also but the weather was torrential down pours just before game time so we opted for a dinner at Pinocchio's instead 

I guess we haven't been eating much pizza lately but it tasted extra good tonight
Wednesday we had a small bunch for Dining Under the Stars - just Mom, Steve, Aunt Gini and I but we had a good time despite the weather - it looked like it could rain at any second and we had to wear long sleeves!
Dining Under the Stars this week was at..
Just for Fun..
 Miss USA was on Sunday night when we got back from NYC and I LOVE pageants.  Of course all my favorite southern girls didn't win but Miss Nevada looked like an okay choice. 
Pretty Little Liars came back this week and was literally better than ever.  I am thrilled that it will be on for two more seasons.

Xo C

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