Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: May Wedding Planning Review

On Friday, we will be just 3 months away!  Last week we hit the "100 days" mark and time is FLYING by...

There wasn't that many big things to be done this month; just a lot of little things that needed to be checked off the list - but also this month, we...

- finalized our invitations and placed the order and are actually picking them up later today!

- worked on our ceremony details and picking music and readings, etc.

- found and booked a photo booth

- got some more welcome bag items

- ordered some items for "Derek's Cigar Bar"

- all the other little details would probably bore anyone to sleep so I'll stop here.

We've really been focused on working on what we want to do on our honeymoon (other than mostly.. nothing), where we want to eat and anything we need to plan before we go.  We also have about a three page packing list which will be interesting with the inner island bag weight limit from Tahiti to Bora Bora
I was caught by this headline - not that Luke Perry went shirtless but that Bora Bora was in the background!

We picked out our wedding bands!

Derek left this article on my bed for me - looks like we're doing pretty good based on this list

Derek's Mom had a shower for us in New Jersey

Just for Fun...
The Macy's Family & Friends Sale Starts Today!!
It goes until Monday - Usually it's only twice a year (and one of my favorite parts of the year) but I guess they added in another one - not complaining.

Xo C

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