Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend Getaway to New York

We just got back last night from a fun weekend getaway to New York; we use to be up there pretty frequently and haven't been in a while so we figured we would take a break from the craziness going on and make a weekend getaway out of it!  
We went right out to lunch once we got into the city at Hamburger Heaven, a restaurant that Derek had gotten food from a few times when he worked in the city - it was also on the Apprentice.
 It was such a beautiful afternoon - we ate outside and even had to move into some shade after a little bit 
We enjoyed ourselves and really took our time - Ricky Gervais sat down a couple tables away (I had no clue who he was but luckily Derek did and I was of course star struck even though I'm still not really sure who he is)
 I love all the fresh flowers sold at all the little corner markets
 My newest obsession, Baked by Melissa - I'm tempted to place an online order right now
 Bite size deliciousness 
After our dessert treat we made a visit back to The Lowell
We went up to the Pembrooke Room for a drink and Derek saw a lot of his old coworkers 
Outside The Lowell
 After The Lowell we set out for some shopping
We popped into the courtyard at The Palace right across from our hotel for happy hour

We sat down a few minutes before a wedding party came out to do pre wedding photos (which both of us hated the idea of) but we loved watching
We went down to midtown to meet up with Lindsay and Nick who were also in town for some drinks and to watch the horse race then we went back to our hotel to find out we got double upgraded! and relaxed for a bit 
 At the Omni bar before heading out to dinner

Saturday night dinner in the city
Rockefeller Plaza all lit up
After dinner we went back to the hotel bar to watch the Kings/Rangers playoff game - by the time of the second overtime I went up to bed and left Derek down (in the very crowded) bar to finish watching

Sunday morning was l-a-z-y and relaxing - we slept in and just relaxed and watched TV until about 11, we're never that lazy, it was amazing!! Then we went to Serendipity for brunch
Our "appetizer" and also dessert - a frozen chocolate peanut butter hot chocolate
 One of us ate more of the dessert than the other one of us and that just happened to be me :-/
We walked past Radio City to find them setting up the red carpet for the Tony Awards last night.  There was also a Puerto Rico Pride Parade going on and it was a terror to walk through, but we braved it for...
Magnolia Bakery!! Continuing the cupcake tour…
We quickly returned to the quieter side of town
Home sweet home on the commuter train to Media 

Xo C

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