Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Favorites

Mom and I headed out to Brinton Lake for shopping and lunch
Derek & I had a picnic date for dinner on Friday: here
#LillyLove what a great surprise to get in the mail on Saturday: here
The boys went to the lake house to put the dock in and Mom, Nash and I enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday in the yard (post stamping wedding invitations)
 Everyone enjoyed the quiet time
I borrowed these pics from Aunt Gini's Facebook - the dock set up was successful and Derek succeeded in helping with his first dock event!
With just two weeks to go Derek and I stopped at Home Depo on the way to dinner.  I want a really fun color in the laundry room hens the sea foam green on top.
Amen! El Gran date for dinner on Saturday - my hopes of sitting on the patio were dashed again because it was so windy when we got out there - maybe in a couple weeks.
 This weekend was fantastic - On Saturday I had a bunch of house/wedding/regular life tasks to finish but Sunday was more about just relaxing - nevertheless, each morning I spelt in (by sleep in, I mean slept until about 8am) and lounged in bed for a little bit watching DVR and playing on my computer - it was the best!
We made a visit to the house - it's been about three weeks since we went and even though we couldn't go inside we saw the pretty much finished outside and peeked through the window to see some of the first floor. 
Everyone really had the Monday blues after such a relaxing weekend.  After our walk Nash just curled up with me before I could even finish my workout
My famous dress finally made it's comeback for summer 2014 this week!  Last year the whole family used to make fun of me for always wearing this dress - Mom said sometimes she would have to remind me that I just wore it a couple days before and couldn't again - It's just SO comfortable and easy.
 Wednesday was one of our best dining under the stars yet!  It was our biggest group - everyone was able to come except Derek.  Here is Steve and I splitting our pitcher of sangria

Dining Under the Stars this week was at…
The weather was hot on Wednesday but we had a nice table in the shade and this was our first week on the main part of State Street so far we've either been down a side street or inside!
I've only been into a couple of the stores on State Street (mostly the clothing ones) but I kept eyeing this little boutique and we went in afterwards - they had the cutest stuff!  Next week I'm definitely going back in for a little "Media,PA" sign

This weekend is all about my bridal shower!  A bunch of college friends are coming into town tomorrow and i can't wait to spend time with them the whole weekend then have all my family and friends together on Sunday!

Just for fun..

I need one of these ASAP
83 Thoughts everyone has while watching the bachelorette: here
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