Thursday, June 19, 2014

Lilly Love

On Saturday afternoon I got a package in the mail from Lilly Pulizter except I didn't think I had ordered anything recently!  I opened it up to find a wonderful surprise - two free scarves, "just because" from Lilly!

It truly made my day!  I gifted one over to my bestie Helen, who actually does like Lilly scarves more than me, and we were both so pleased with our surprises!  We talked about it all afternoon and left the scarves perfectly in the box out on the counter to show the boys!

Lilly DIY

A couple months back I got {this Lilly maxi dress} which was obviously too long - I got it hemmed and was planning on using the extra fabric for a headband - and on Sunday I completed my little DIY project 
I was actually no good at my project in the beginning and couldn't even thread the needle right but I got by with a little help from Mom

Now I have a couple headbands to go with my maxi or a t-shirt in one of the many bright colors that match
Xo C

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