Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: April Update

Four Months To Go!!
Everything is really coming together - each week brings more little items checked off the list!  We are moving right along and tying up a lot of little loose ends *sigh* the planning is almost done.
It almost seems weird if we come home from work and don't find a package at the door
- Tuxes are reserved
(the surprisingly longest appointment yet...)
- Bridal Accessories are in
- Groom's custom cuff links are in
- Menu Tasting is completed
- Welcome Bags ordered and delivered and welcome bag contents starting to arrive
- The search of the perfect nail polishes for the girls & myself has begun
- Reception décor & extras are ordered
- First meeting with the minster completed and we've started working on the ceremony details
- First Bridal Shower is even done already
My Very First Bridal Shower:
Menu Tasting at The Radnor Hotel:
We missed the big group tasting but had a blast anyway enjoying the delicious food

Tuxedo Shopping:

Mom let me sneak a peek of the finished bridal shower invitations (obsessed) and the last item I will ever order with my current monogram came in - my bridal shower thank you notes! (again, obsessed)

Nail Polish Research:
Blushing Bride is the cutest name! The color inside the bottle, however, is not the cutest.
Bridal Accessories:
Purse is in, Garter is in, Jewelry is in :)
Wedding Flip Flop Project:
One Friday night in later and the flip flops are ready to go

The Project that Never Lasted...
I really thought this was going to be cute - a tissue packet for "tears of joy" - Once I started putting them together I knew it wasn't coming out right - I asked everyone and their comments were worse than the thoughts in my head.. BUT I revisited the idea over the weekend and finished making them
Xo C

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