Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things I'm Loving at the Moment...

1. Spring has Sprung!!
I love all the pretty flowers popping up
2. Maxi Dresses
 I've found these three recently and only needed to get one of them hemmed!
Lilly Pulitzer//Similar Dress: here
Gap//Exact Dress: here
Tommy Hilfiger//Exact Dress: here
3. J Crew Factory Website
Always having sales: here and their chunky necklace selection has been on point lately
4. Lilly Tops
Exact Top: here
5. Coupons & Sales
Maybe it's the spring weather but so many stores have been having great sales lately!! I have definitely been taking advantage of them.
6. Bright Nail Polish
The time came to put away the tame winter colors and whip out the summer brights!
7. Grilling Season
We BBQ at least a couple times a week in the summer and we've already got two in so far!  It's a great way to eat something yummy & healthy.  Summer sides are great too.
8. Vineyard Vines
The new Vineyard Vines store opened at KOP a couple months ago and their color schemes are to die for!
We've been finding more things we like for Derek there because their men's section at KOP is bigger but I did recently find:
This dress and These flip flops.
9. Monograms
as always but I'm starting to pick out top priorities of what to get first when my name changes.  To hold me over...
An ice bucket similar to this//exact one: here
10. Home Décor
We should be about two months out from the completion of the house and while I'm into looking at all designs, right now I'm most into...
My lady office! Originally we were just going to have a boring old "office with a day bed" but since the basement will be a mini "man cave" for Derek - we decided the office can be a girly room for me to retreat to - so excited!
Xo C

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