Monday, April 7, 2014

Florida: Part One

I just got back from my last annual visit to Grandma's in Fort Myers - I will definitely be back to Fort Myers but never my "annual spring trip to Grandma's."  Mom & Steve were in town for part of the trip in addition the trip was filled with great weather, lots of relaxing and family time.

Part One
 First views of Florida
Chick Fil A tastes good in any state - our snack on the way from Tampa to Fort Myers
 We went right to the Belle Tower Shops to check out the Lilly Boutique, a great cupcake shop and some others.
 We had a blast reading through all these seasonings in one of the boutiques and scooped up one to bring home.
 The excuse to make the stop here (and break for lent) was Grandma's Birthday!
 These cupcakes were no let down!
Mom & with our treasures 
Relaxing on the back porch after making it to Grandma's
Our first dinner at "The Pub"

One of my favorite places at Del Tura - the main pool.

After dinner at the pub we walked over to the weight room so I could see if they had weights - when Steve and I were working on new arm lifts to try - we looked behind us to find Grandma testing out the equipment - definitely a funny memory!
Grocery at Publix - it always kills me that you can get beer and wine here - so convenient. 

Xo C

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