Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sam Visits

Sam came down this weekend for a girls weekend, some more wedding planning, and lots of shopping.

 I watched for about five minutes waiting for Sam to pull up in the driveway
 Sam's first lilly purchase! a dress for my bridal shower
{Sam Loves Lilly Too}

We did quite about of shopping around King of Prussia on Friday - it felt like heaven when we slipped into a booth at the Cheesecake Factory.
 Much needed martinis for a couple of tired shopping gals
Note to self: do not leave any shopping to finish after a big meal - also do not carry your pizza around with you while shopping. 

 We braved the rain and ventured out for more shopping on Saturday afternoon.
In one of our many matching items - our hunter rain boots.

 The power went out Saturday night before we went to dinner - we whipped out the flash light and did our best to get ready to go.
The extent of the photos from Saturday night since we got ready in the dark - literally.  The power came back on just before we left but at that point everybody had lost their will to get ready - plus, it was pouring outside. 
We picked up Lindsay and headed to where else but.. El Gran!  It was still pouring afterwards so the three of us just came home for drinks after.

Xo C

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