Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Favorites

Derek worked late on Friday so we did a late date night with Lindsay & Nick at Azie - since we didn't go to dinner until 8:30 I had time to take a nap prior, with the windows open - it was heavenly waking up for that.
I love finding surprises in my room.  Especially a neatly made bed, my engagement ring waiting for me to put on for the day and a love note.
Practicing some bridal/bridesmaid nail colors - "Blushing Bride" might have a super cute name but it was a not so cute color - basically clear in a bottle with an appeasing name.

We made a visit to the construction site on Saturday and things are really starting to move!  We also grabbed lunch in our new neighborhood.
We made a trip back to New Jersey and had a great visit with Derek's friends and family - we also picked up some stuff we needed to get back down here.
Lady Gracie happy to hang out with us as always
Sunday night we had a huge splurge - we did pizza for dinner and then noticed lines at Dairy Queen on the way home and had to pull in.
Came out of the bathroom Tuesday morning to this… 
It's that time again!! There's not many summertime activities I love more than family dinners on Wednesday nights aka Dining Under the Stars - I started calling around on Wednesday and getting us some reservations since it's becoming ever so popular 
 Seriously, I love where I live - this picture doesn't even do the views on our walks justice - I really need to upgrade to the iPhone 5
The JWU alumnae magazine came - mom put it on my bed for Derek and I to read together - I noticed a spot in the back for wedding announcements; perhaps next fall I'll write in…

Xo C

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