Thursday, April 10, 2014

Florida: Part Three

Part Three
Final trip details… 
 Grandma's Birthday
 Birthdays mean cupcakes for breakfast
We both devoured ours. 
 Heading out to the Pub on Friday night

 Grandma bet that Derek Hough won dancing with the stars -- 15 times!
Proud of her new glass. 
Getting my last uses out of my seersucker monogram bag before my monogram changes! 
I enjoyed my walks each morning 
 One day I enjoyed the little pool to myself
 and another day enjoyed the crowded main pool with some wedding reading.
Before meeting Aunt Gini, Uncle Tom & Ryan at the pool patio for a pizza party.
 I found myself a little buddy by the pool 
One last shot of Grandma's personalized golf cart.
 The last day it poured and poured all day long.  Ryan brought me to Taco Bell for lunch and Grandma & I met her friends for happy hour before Grandma, Ryan & I went to the pub for our last meal.  We had a very wet golf cart ride home (it was drizzling on our way there).
Arrived home safely on Tuesday to find Steve & mom waiting for me in a matching scarf!
Some final pictures…

Xo C

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