Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Favorites

I was so much better about taking pictures this past week - I think it was the warm weather!
Last Thursday was our first Phillies game of the season! Just Mom, Steve & I went and we had a great time (but left in time to get home for Scandal) - we got schedule magnets and now that we have three houses, we have a place for each!

I dropped off some Easter cheer to both Grandmom and Grandma on Friday

Cheers, the weekend is here!  We had NOTHING to do on Friday night - we relaxed at home with some pizza.
Let me start with - SATURDAY WAS THE BEST DAY EVER! We had no plans, we were home all day and the weather was perfect!! After I switched over our closets and got all our spring clothes out/Derek cleaned out the cars, I convinced him to go on a morning walk with me.

The rest of the afternoon looked like this.  Derek watched the Masters and I layed out in the sun!
We made a quick visit to the house and got in a couple errands.


Mom, Steve & Nash got home from Penn State and we decided to un cover the deck furniture; Davey came over and we had our first BBQ of the season!
Sunday was Palm Sunday at church and we got our palms!

Steve & Nash enjoying the perfect weather on Sunday & Mom and I heading off to Laura Jean's baby shower!

On Monday, Mom & I took a "Spring Break" day off and went to King of Prussia - she did great! (I didn't do terribly either)

Monday night was Derek's first Phillies game and we might not have been rooting for the same team - but we had a blast!  We both ran into a friend and the weather was again, perfect!
Like a kid in a candy shop - ice cream, peanuts and laughing when the Phillies were losing
We all got a light dinner at Harry the K's but couldn't resist these when there was NO line at all at Chickie and Pete's!
Flowers from my fiancé!
Xo C

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