Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: March Update

5 Months To Go!!

With just five months to go we've marked most of the big "check marks" off our list and are just enjoying the little details - we have a very detailed timeline and to do list for the upcoming months.

There's not that much to report this month since the biggest priority this month was...
booking our honeymoon!
We picked the French Polynesia & couldn't be more exited.
I think after the honeymoon I'll take a "honeymoon stay-cation" in Newtown Square and unplug my phone for a few months to unwind from the craziness of this year!!

A couple other things managed to get done this month, without giving too much away...
  • Returned a lot of contracts - bakery, invitations, florist, etc.
  • Finished up a lot of "little things" research and tied down specific details of how we want each aspect of things
  • Really got into the "ordering" of things (I can't believe it's finally time to "order" all the things I've been picturing for the big day - We got in some shipments with welcome bag items and of course some flip flops for the reception.
  • Seriously, it was really all about the honeymoon this month, that's all I have! 

    Derek sat this one out but mom and I pulled up to the cutest little flower shop
     There was an adorable little store inside 
    This appointment came in a close second after cake tasting - I didn't want to leave at the end.

    The shop had the cutest decor 
    Steve was lucky enough to get the zebra chair 
    {Note his pose above}
     Just what any guy want to be doing on a Saturday afternoon - picking out wedding invitations.
Some Little Extras:
This one got lost in the cracks - but we made it into the church session highlights! We also had our first meeting at the church about the ceremony.
I've been checking the mail everyday waiting for my Love Ophelia "Mrs. Sotherden" robe to get ready on the day of the wedding to arrive - finally it was delivered while Sam was here.

Xo C

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