Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Steve!!

Yesterday was Steve's Birthday and we've been celebrating all week!  We did a birthday dinner on Sunday and we're suppose to go to the Phillies/Mets game last night but it got rained out (good thing it's still Steve's "birthday week" when we go next Tuesday - we can celebrate then)!

Birthday Celebration #1 at the Town House

Birthday Festiveness 

Birthday Celebration #2 at…
The Phillies, The Chart House, Iron Hill
 One of our Phillies games fell on Steve's birthday and when we saw it was the Mets we had to go - yesterday's weather was terrible!  We decided to go to the Chart House in the city instead - the weather was that terrible that we decided to stay local and do Iron Hill - we still had a blast though!
 Luckily, we have another game next week so we can still celebrate then/
 The birthday star did oblige to wearing the crown for one photo
 Nash is always confused when the attention isn't on him
 Since we had cake, he had a frosty paw
 Mom, Steve & Friends are AZ bound just after the wedding craziness is over
 Yellow cake with chocolate frosting was requested
 Again, always thinks he's the star. Nash of course.
Davey had one of the final nights of his course but Derek and I represented for all three kids in his absence. 

It's been a great celebration.  Until the next birthday.. Nash Boy is up next ;)

Xo C

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