Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday Favorites

Before we left for Syracuse we brought easter baskets to Grandmom and Grandma - here is Grandmom with hers.
We came home from Syracuse to find Easter baskets waiting!
 We got all our shower gifts put away in the dining room and organized - here's Derek with one of his most favorites - a towel warmer from his mom
When the others got back from brunch we gave Nash his Easter basket
 Here is is sad - because he found all his goodies
 It's always rough the day after the holiday - I was in my bed a little longer than usual - I heard someone turn my fan off and looked up mom was walking in and opening blinds but not talking to me - finally I said "good morning" - she didn't even think I was in the bed!
What a great mail day! Macy's Family & Friend's sale and a Tory Burch coupon!
Mom & Steve before the Project Home Charity Event
 He loves his quaker oat squares - seriously, look how close he is to the bag!

Xo C

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