Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Long Distance Relationships


We did the whole...
Face time to "see each other everyday"
Meet halfway (we ended up finding a nice "getaway spot" in Princeton - we'll be returning soon)
The second you unpack, you repack.

I'm so glad to put the distance behind us and be done with the constant packing - there aren't very many perks of a long distance relationship but I am finding the cutest little items lately!
How cool are these?! Why did I never get them.
I did almost make us these mugs once - maybe I still will.
We probably would have never been able to do this - I would have eaten all mine in the first week and Derek would have never finished his.
We did a lot of driving so these could have been good.
I seriously am not sure why I never asked Derek to be pen pals - probably because he'd never do it.

How cute!

I'm definitely going to still get us one of these prints from Etsy

Xo C

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