Monday, March 3, 2014

March To Do List

Hopefully March will bring us some warmer days.  Also this month will bring...
My annual trip down to Fort Myers to see Grandma and family - Derek  couldn't go this year so I coordinated with Mom & Steve and some other family should be in town too.  This is a monumental year because it will be my last visit to Del Tura as Grandmas has decided she loves her new home at Plus Mills so much that she won't be going back to Florida next winter.
We're making a trip down to Virginia to meet Derek's new nephew!
St. Patrick's Day - any excuse to decorate, celebrate & be festive.
St. Patrick's Day also brings around the day Derek and I met.  This year will mark 6 years ago - we will for sure do something to celebrate "our special holiday."
Davey's Birthday - birthday celebrations are the best!
Sam's coming back to Media for another Maid of Honor visit.
March Madness: I'm not very into basketball but the tournament gets pretty exciting - I almost won the bracket one year!  Derek will for sure have this on every night so I know I'll be watching.
Most importantly - Six Months To Go!! A very busy half a year ahead :)
Xo C

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