Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday Favorites

From the past two weeks...

 Best Buds always taking over my room
Friday I did a massive spring clean out of my clothes and junk in the attic - the attic looked much better when I was done and I had all this to donate!  My closet's ready for some bright spring clothes.
I was pooped after the big clean out and Derek got home from work late so we had a lazy night in with... Dominos!
 Saturday we went to KOP for Honeymoon/Spring shopping - Don't let him fool you; he ended up with more than me :-/ 
I did come home with a pair of these - I've been lusting after these Schott Zwiesel wine glasses since we saw them in San Francisco - they are huge and glamorous and I love them. They can be found here and will fit right in with the C&B set we registered for.
Saturday night date night was at La Belle Epoque
We did some preliminary furniture shopping just to look :)
A BIG find! He's been looking for this beer everywhere - found at the Beer Garden at Pinocchio's
Sweet little pup was home from State College and I came downstairs to find him with his toys set up like this.
Happy St. Patrick's Day - about four more inches of snow, just when we could see the ground again.
 I made it down to Florida for a great week of relaxation
{more on that next week}
Back home in Media on Tuesday night and reunited with my fiancé!

Also reunited with some more snow, of course.
Note to self: do more online shopping/wedding ordering before next vacation - it's great to come home to lots of boxes
Also arrived - some of our first shower gifts.
Just a normal night - relaxing with the boys.
One of my favorite parts of the day {only on days that I play chauffer} when I see Derek get off the train.
Right: He's the little spec in orange doing a big wave on the way to the car 


 Xo C




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