Thursday, March 13, 2014

Travel Thursday: "Catching Up" Dallas Weekend 2013

Last November we went down to Dallas for a mixed trip of Derek's Birthday, a free weekend away from the Lowell and to see Derek's beloved Cowboys play.  It was a blast - already counting down for our next trip, because I know we'll be back

Day 1:
We checked in at The Jouelle in downtown Dallas & went next door to the Iron Cactus - we liked it so much we went back the next day for lunch again.
 We explored downtown around the JFK sights and of course into the Neiman Marcus flagship store.
 If it was a little bit warmer we definitely would have taken advantage of the rooftop pool
 We had a pre birthday dinner for Derek - the concierge recommended Nick & Sam's where a lot of Dallas' trendy & wealthy young crowd frequents - of course we didn't see anyone famous :-/ but I've noticed from instagram that since we've been there Courtney Kerr goes a lot as well as some of the Cowboys players and Cheerleaders.
We got a great little table in the back and had a great steak dinner

Day 2:
 We went to AT&T Stadium for Rally Day & a tour
 Cowboys Locker Room
In the press room
 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Making the Team is one of my favorite shows and guilty pleasures
  I was star struck - Derek had to do the talking at first

 Such a happy fan
 On the 50 yard line in Dallas - just like the song
 After Rally Day we went to the Dallas Arboretum
 Once we figured out you can get beer and wine there it was even better - but really it is so pretty there
 I was so mad I didn't think to do some engagement photos there.

They had the cutest decorations for fall and SO man pumpkins.

Day 3:
 Game Day

 Of course we were in the front row

 Our seats were the best - we had so much fun
 The stadium was awesome
 Holding every item I brought to the game - he's a keeper

 Ran into a sorority sister working at the stadium
 He loved every second

 We were right next to the family suite - other than staring in at the wives and watching the cheerleaders, I really did watch a lot of the game

Until next time, Dallas.

Xo C

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