Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: February Update

6 months to go!! We're into more of the fun little details now and there's no part of planning I don't like.
Checking Things Off The List:
Wedding Cake - Check
Groom's Cake - Check
Registering - Check
Choosing the Flower Girl Dress - Check
Scouting out the Groom & Groomsmen Apparel - Check
Mother of the Bride/Mother of the Groom Dresses - Check
Guest Book - Check
Lots of Little Details Worked Out - Check
I really don't know what people did before...
I'm so glad I'm getting married during a time when these sites are popular.  These apps on my iPad area always open.

Special Updates:
This is how I feel about all cake products.
No appointment will ever top this one - my fork never stopped moving.
We picked not the nicest day to go - that's us under our umbrella sloshing through the unplowed streets.  We found another Iron Hill location out in Chestnut Hill!

The cutest little bakery - with the best frosting.
Made our first visit to the travel agent - loving looking at all the beautiful places. Our list of vacations to take is growing by the day.  Stay tuned for the final choice & runners up!
Speaking of traveling... the Bachelorette Party location has been picked - Charleston, SC.  I don't know much, but I do know that we're heading to the south. 
Mother of the Bride Dress Shopping: The sweet little lady at the bridal shop remembered us the second we walked in from getting dresses for Mom's wedding & some other events.  Our picture is even still up on the wall!
Bridal Shoes are purchased.
He got very into Flower Girl dress shopping but then again he is a good shopping buddy.
Xo C


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