Thursday, March 6, 2014

Travel Thursday: "Catching Up" San Francisco Trip 2013

Our bags were very over weight but after rearranging them we were off and our six hour flight went by in the blink of an eye between napping, cocktails and "The Heat."  We made it out to San Francisco by 10:30am, west coast time, and had a leisurely day of exploring, shopping and relaxing.
 We found one of our favorite spots, "California Wine Bar"

Day 2: Tuesday, September 17th: 
Today was our 5 hour city tour - it was just right, not too long, not too short.
 We started with a ferry cruise to Sausalito - it was on the ferry that we found out we we're approved for our house!  We have a bottle of champagne from Napa Valley waiting for us to celebrate when we move in.
 Sausalito was a favorite for both of us - we agreed we'd spend a whole day here on our next trip.
Cute, quiet little town
 The main attraction, the golden gate bridge!
 We saw the bridge most days on our trip and it was always cool to look at.
 Next stop, Palace of the Fine Arts which was so beautiful.

 I'd want to live on this little street is I lived in San Fran

 The Painted Ladies

This was another highlight - us Full House lovers loved it.

 Grace Cathedral

 After our walk down Lombard Street
Lombard Street was one of the first sights we saw on the way to the hotel from the airport - it's most cool to see from a car where you can have the whole view.
We made another stop at our favorite "California Wine Bar" before dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp.
Day 3: Wednesday, September 18th
This was a LONG day, one we enjoyed, but would probably never do again.

 We traveled down the coast to make visits to Monterey and Carmel.

 Lunch in Monterey

 Derek's first time in the Pacific!
 Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach
Day 4: Thursday, September 19th
 Our favorite day, Napa Valley!!

 First winery: Franciscan Winery
 Second winery: V Sattui Winery
 One of the Sattui family members was our server. This was our favorite stop and we shipped some wine home from here
 It was also gorgeous
 Third winery: Andretti Winery. Fun Fact - Mario is from Allentown.

 We got to each lunch on the patio here and explore through the vineyard - even tasting the grapes right off the vines.
 Mario was even there too
 Derek snapped these pics of him right before he sped away.
 Last winery: Whitehall Lane

We got to watch the wine making process.
Day 5: Friday, September 20th
 Today was our free day!  We decided to rent bikes and bike the bike path along the water over to the bridge.

 We really got to experience the San Francisco fog.

We rewarded ourselves with In-N-Out Burger.
We did our souvenir shopping at Pier 39 and of course another wine tasting.
 We enjoyed our last night exploring around Ghirardelli Square
And finished up with dinner at McCormick and Kuleto's - we had a great view of the water.
Day 6: Saturday, September 21st

 Our last day! We ventured out in the rain with our $4 umbrellas and stopped for a second Chowder House lunch and a look around Boudin Bread Factory before taking the Ferry over to Alcatraz (Side note: you can get wine and beer on most of the ferries, how cool!)
Exploring Alcatraz
 In our matching North Face rain coats...
America's Cup was going on while we were in town - it was cool to watch.
We each slept the entire way home - good to know that red eye's don't seem to be a problem for us.
Funny to think that exactly a year after this trip, we'll be traveling again; on our honeymoon!!
Xo C

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