Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Honeymooning

We picked our honeymoon spot...
French Polynesia!!!
 French Polynesia
Bora Bora
We couldn't be more excited!  We're leaving the Monday after our wedding for a twelve day honeymoon in Tahiti and Bora Bora.

We're kicking the trip off with an overnight in LA - I've been to LA before and it is our honeymoon so we won't be too touristy but I'm dying of excitement inside to be amongst the celebs.

After our 8 hour flight from LA to Tahiti we're starting our official honeymoon off for two days in Tahiti.
We had a tough time picking between all the beautiful resorts so after an hour plane ride to Bora Bora we'll spend the five days at one hotel...
 ... Before spending the last three days at another hotel
We thought about going to Moorea too but we decided to just really focus on two islands. I REALLY wanted to go to Taha'a (we had some great laughs pronouncing that) but in the spirit of compromise - we decided to save that one for later on in life.
At first we weren't sure about all the traveling but once we started looking into it we realized it was far - but not quite as far as we thought and it looks SO worth it! Good thing we're both good red eye sleepers.
Runners Up:
Honeymoon research was one of the more fun tasks of wedding planning - there are so many beautiful places in this world!  Our original "list" had about 10-15 locations on it but here are our runners up (and now at the tip top of our future vacations list)
First Runner Up: St. Lucia - had it not have been the height of hurricane season (September is the worst and our week is at the top of the peak) we quite possibly could have wound up here.
Turks and Caicos
There's plenty of other places on our bucket list but we were just looking beautiful beach to get away and relax.
Counting down the days...
Xo C

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